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Oh, what God can do with 'Yes'!
September 20, 2016 by De Yarrison

I am excited about a particular assignment I have taken on this Fall. I am reading a fabulous book called “Who Does He Say You Are” by Colleen C. Mitchell, and will be writing a review of the book for Kennedy Brownrigg Group. The best part of this assignment is that I get to interview the author. You’ll be hearing lots more about Colleen and the book in the weeks to come. I just had to share this today…

This is a quote from Colleen’s prologue:
“I finally offered myself to Him as I was – afraid and unable to see how I could be of use to Him – and prayed that if he still wanted me, I would go. When I finally made that surrender to God, and to the vision my husband was now seeing for our future with certain clarity, God moved mountains to show me that he was arranging this for me.”

This reminder of the power of surrender really struck me…
God moves mountains to make things happen upon our Yes, feeble as that Yes may be!

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