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Self-Compassion – The Power of a Pronoun
November 14, 2017 by De Yarrison

Have you listened in to your inner dialogue recently? What do you find there? Kindness and encouragement? Or perhaps, self-criticism and negativity? Unfortunately, the latter is more typical for many of us.
As I’ve shifted my inner conversation, replacing the unkind self-talk with compassionate and supportive self-talk, everything about my life has also shifted. And I do mean everything – my marriage, my parenting, the way I handle difficulties and adversity, my friendships, my faith…
In my latest blog post, I share thoughts on shifting our inner dialogue, beginning with a shift in a pronoun. Specifically, using the pronoun “You” rather than “I” to think of ourselves. It’s an interesting concept. Read the post linked below and see what you think.


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