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A God Who Waits
December 8, 2017 by De Yarrison

We know that Advent is a time of prayerful waiting. But we are not waiting alone. God waits with us. In fact, He’s not just waiting for us during these 22 days of Advent, he’s been waiting for us our entire lives! And he will continue to wait for us until the moment our earthly life comes to its close. What in the world is He waiting for?

“…a God who waits that He may make Himself known to us perfectly as the gracious One.” – Andrew Murray (1828-1917), South African Missionary.

This Advent, God has invited me to consider that He is waiting for me to have the eyes to see Him more clearly; to have the heart to experience Him more authentically as He is: the gracious One. That’s a lot to wait for as this might take me a while! But He’s not just sitting around twiddling His sovereign thumbs, passively waiting for me. His is a very alive, very active waiting, where He constantly reveals bits of His glory to help move me along. Each time I am awe-struck by the majesty of the night sky, I am drawn closer. When my precious 2-year-old curls up on my lap and presses his cheek to mine, I am overcome by God’s goodness.
He draws us into Himself through these encounters with His glory, His love, His goodness. And my desire to live enfolded in His peaceful presence intensifies. My commitment to trust Him and serve Him above all else strengthens. It is a beautiful, purposeful dance. Because there’s something else that He is waiting for: He’s waiting for my yes. For my continual yes, actually. My willingness to submit to His plan, each day of my life.


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