The Breath Prayer

My coachees will tell you that I am a hustler for the breath prayer. I push it pretty hard. That’s because I believe in the power of prayer and I recognize prayer as the one “true north.” Through prayer, we keep our inner compasses pointed in the correct direction. Keeps us on sure footing, even on those days when we can’t see the path. Prayer IS the path.

So, what is a breath prayer?
A breath prayer is a simple prayer or mantra that we can keep “on our breath” at all times. A few words to keep my heart and mind focused on what is most important to me on any particular day. For example, my first breath prayer was, “Peace, Jesus. Give me Your peace.” Some of my other favorite breath prayers are:

  • Thank You, Jesus.
  • Come quickly Holy Spirit!
  • Help me to love as You love, Lord.
  • God, guide my steps this day. Show me the way.
  • Jesus, I trust in You.

I wrote a little booklet called “Guide to Breath Prayers.” Download it here (it’s free). Follow the steps therein to develop your own breath prayer for today’s needs.

I’ve created 30 pretty little 3″ x 3″ Breath Prayer Cards. Each card contains a breath prayer and a visual (photograph) to go along with it (I am having tons of fun combining my photography with my new “graphic design” skills). Check out the gallery of breath prayer cards:

Breath Prayer Cards

Click on any image therein and print it out. Keep your breath prayer card where you will see it often and will remember to keep your prayer on your breath.

I’d love to hear which breath prayer you choose. Please comment here on the blog, on our Facebook Page or Google+ Page.

Prayerfully yours,

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