What if I actually am Enough?!

You are enough

On any given day, it is true, that I am not enough of something. Or that I didn’t do enough of something. Yesterday I didn’t get enough exercise (ok, I didn’t get ANY exercise yesterday). And I didn’t put enough prep time into a presentation I delivered yesterday afternoon.

The day before, I didn’t have enough patience for my daughter’s pre-teen “stuff.”

The laundry is piled up a bit higher than it “should” be. The paint buckets and drop cloths have been sitting in my son’s bedroom since, oh let’s see, President’s Day weekend (walls are still white). Shall I go on? I’ve got lots more.

And what’s important for me to know is that my story of should have, shouldn’t have, didn’t, not enough, is only a PART of my story.

There are other parts of my story too.

Like the sweet embrace my daughter gave me last evening.
The healthy dinner I somehow got on the table between homework time and evening activity time.
The moments my kids and I laugh hysterically together over a silly “inside joke” that nobody else would find funny.
The times when my workshops are amazing and the prep work was enough.
The nights I do get enough sleep (yes, it happens once in a while!).

Consistent, and often relentless, focus on our flaws, imperfections, insufficiencies, and all the ways and times we don’t “measure up,” can cause us to miss all the ordinary and simple joys that are also a part of each day. We end up feeling drained, heavy, disengaged, hopeless. This is not how we are to live!

What if we broadened our focus? Widened our lens? Went looking for our sufficiency. And expressed our gratitude for the simple and the ordinary. Acknowledging each moment or event of our day when we are indeed ENOUGH. ABLE. SUFFICIENT.

Let’s start a list of our collective enough-ness in the comments section of this blog. Could be pretty powerful! Share one small (or big!) moment today when you were indeed enough. Something you did, said, or didn’t do or say…I’ll post mine in a few minutes.

Whether or not you decide to comment, please give yourself the gift of your time to participate in the exercise below. You deserve it.

Exercise: Acknowledge my Sufficiency. Keep a journal or notebook close at hand so you can write down what you discover in the steps below:

  1. Sit quietly in prayer each day (even if only for one-minute…60 little seconds), asking the Lord to help you see your sufficiency; to reveal HIS truth about you. Ask Him: “Lord, what do You want me to know about myself today? Show me Your truth so I will learn to see myself as You see me.” Write down what you hear Him telling you.
  2. Focus your attention on your strengths and gifts. Begin each morning by telling yourself two things you appreciate about YOU. Say these aloud, using your own first name. For example, “De, I appreciate your sense of humor and your smile.” Or “De, I appreciate your patience with Adam yesterday.” Write your self-appreciations in your journal.
  3. Throughout the day, take brief pauses and intentionally turn your focus towards what is working, what went well/is going well, and what you are grateful for in that moment. Write these in your journal.
  4. It won’t be long until you have a journal full of self-affirming comments and prayers. What a beautiful way to encourage and support yourself.

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  1. Kim says:

    Oh how I Love this, De! Years ago I was praying with my Spiritual Mom and the Lord clearly directed her to say to me, “You are enough.” And I crumbled in a heap of tears. I hang onto those words. As a matter of fact, I tell women all the time that they, too, are enough, and we really need to print up some t-shirts with that truth written on it!!
    So, thank you for this today. What a wonderful reminder to us all. Today, I worked with clients and tended to my animals, and am driving my teenager to the movies and having movie night at home with my husband and niece…and I prayed, and made a green drink and mopped the floor and laughed and shared my heart! Today, I am enough and I have accomplished enough…thank you!

    • De Yarrison says:

      Thank you for sharing that, Kim! YES to the T-shirts! Seriously, I am getting right on that. You’ll get the first one. God bless you and your big, gigantic heart. I am so blessed to have you in my life.

  2. Cathy says:

    I was “enough” today, when I organized a luncheon for my son, Matt’s teachers. The Lord placed such a wonderful feeling in my heart. I am so blessed to be able to experience this type of fulfillment.

  3. De Yarrison says:

    Today, I closed my laptop and greeted my children at the door when they came home from school. We told a few stories about our day and enjoyed the moment. And I am enough!

    • Colleen says:

      I woke up this morning immediately feeling anxious about the list of tasks that I needed to complete today, and trying to figure out how I am going to get everything done! And as I am throwing the second load of laundry in I thought to myself, well at least the laundry will be done so I should feel good about that! But the other obligations of grocery shopping because there is not any food in the house, and walking the dogs, and taking Matty for his haircut, and fitting my workout in, and attending the family function this afternoon, and helping Kelsey get her drivers license renewed, and planning dinner were still weighing on me. So I climbed back into bed with a cup of coffee and opened my email to your conversation about being enough! Thanks De, I needed that reminder! I am feeling better!

  4. AnnMarie says:

    I must also say I just loved reading this blog today. It does make us stop the fast pace, slow down, breath and fill yourself with gratitude. Funny that I should read this today after my day yesterday. I too did not get all of my erands done. One important task to drop of tax information to the accountant. Yes, it could wait. Did not need to be done immediatly. Rather, I had the most exquisit time preparing for my father and 3 sisters to join me in my home for a healthy lunch. I took the extra time to pull out the china for the most important people in my life. The time with my father was way over due but I sat and enjoyed every second with him yesterday. I let the dishes sit and avoided the urge to clean while my company was there. I treasured the time and more importantly I was present in the moment. Thank you De for bringing us to the point of awareness.

  5. Helen says:

    I read your message on Friday and then got an email from a client that needed a response and I immediately felt the fear rise up. How can I respond and not make the situation worse. I worried all weekend and composed responses in my head. This morning as soon as I opened my eyes, there it was again, now I HAD to respond. I prayed and then wrote what I know to be the truth and hit the send button. I am enough, I know enough, I will not live in fear of men. God has not given me a spirit of fear, but of love and power and self-control. I intend to live out of the power God has given me for by His Grace, I am enough.

    Sign me up for a tee shirt please!

    • De Yarrison says:

      Yes! You definitely are enough and you definitely know enough! There is nothing to prove to anyone (I can say that to you because I know I struggle with the same “proving energy” from time to time). T-shirts will be coming! Not this week; got ENOUGH to do. I’d love to have them ready by my April 12th women’s retreat if that’s possible. I’ll let you know 🙂

  6. I love your message, as moms it is easy to feel overwhelmed and like we didn’t do enough. I think my mother’s guilt starts the moment the doctor announced that I was pregnant for the first time.

    But we do have to realize we are enough and spend those extra minutes with our kids. Thanks for sharing with #ThrowbackThursdayLinkup and hope you continue to share with us each week!

    • De Yarrison says:

      Hi Tanya! Haha, yes mommy guilt began in pregnancy. Comes so naturally, huh?! Thanks for organizing the linkup. I read a bunch of great blogs today that I hadn’t seen before!


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