My Mirror and Self-Affirmation

Note to Self

Author’s note: I wrote this post two weeks ago when I was in the midst of a very long, drawn-out sinus infection. You’ll be happy to know that I am well again, finally!

I’m sitting at my kitchen table. Everything outside is soaked with rain (for the 4th day in a row). Everything inside is a mess, including me. I’m on day 11 of a sinus cold / infection. I wonder if I’ll ever breathe freely, if my voice will ever sound normal, and if I’ll ever see the sunshine again. Yes, it’s rare, but even I have thoughts like these!

I am tired. I am behind on every one of my lists. I don’t feel like being self-affirming, self-accepting, or self-compassionate.

And here we are approaching, “Compliment Your Mirror Day” (on July 3rd). I never heard of it before. When my assistant, Katie, brought it to my attention, I felt a little convicted. Hmmm, where to find a compliment for this woman looking back at me in my mirror.

Then I remember. None of the circumstances I wrote above are what matter. Who I am is not defined in my to-do lists. My worth has not diminished because it’s day 11 and a dozen tissue boxes later. The TRUTH of who I am is defined by only one circumstance: I am a child of God, the Lord most high, and He loves me. Cherishes me. Shelters me and holds me. Even today. Especially today.


I’ve made a printable card for your mirror, dashboard, wallet, etc. (and for mine too!) Click on the image above to download it. I also made this into a T-shirt.

God created me shirts

Through the end of July, this T-shirt and our “I Am Enough” T-shirt are on sale for $15 each. I-Am-Enough-T-shirt-icon

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On July 3rd, let’s be extra intentional about giving compliments to OURSELVES. Tell yourself what you appreciate about YOU. Ask yourself what words you need to hear from YOU today. In fact, why wait until July 3rd. I’m going to start today.

God bless you and your day (and the face you see in the mirror!),

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