Autumn Transitions

I love summer. And I love fall. Every year, as summer gives in to fall, I have trouble deciding which I love more.
So many things I miss about summer. So many things I look forward to about fall.

Outside my window, lush green is becoming crisp and colored-in.
I’m trading in my iced tea and lemonade for steamy mugs of chamomile and chai.
My flip flops and sundresses have returned to their place-in-waiting.
My jeans & snuggly sweaters are getting fabulous reviews (from me 🙂 ) as they make their seasonal debut.
Baked winter squash and roasted root veggies will soon replace the garden cucumbers, zucchini, and fresh summer salads.
We hung up our kayaks and fishing rods and are looking forward to a hayride.

It’s a process of letting go of one good thing in order to welcome another.
Each ending…a beginning.

Don’t the seasons handle transitions with such grace?
How gracefully and majestically Autumn is ushered in.

A perfect invitation for us. An invitation to consider how we wish to handle the seasons and transitions in our lives. Seasons and transitions, we know, are inevitable. The opportunity before us is to bring our mindfulness and prayerfulness to each transition; so we too may usher in the new with grace.

What transitions are you facing this fall?
A child off to college for the first time?
Or perhaps, Kindergarten?
Are you in job transition? Changing churches? Beginning a new ministry?
Engaging in a more healthy regimen? Coping with an illness? A loss, perhaps?

In the midst of every transition, God remains constant.

When uncertainty, new, or different have moved in and familiar or routine cannot be found, it helps me to remember that God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

God is here in today’s letting go. AND He’s already there in tomorrow’s circumstances.

We serve ourselves well when we spend time with the Lord working through the inner changes that will best support the external or circumstantial changes. In transition times, I often find myself wondering…

What work is He up to in me now?
What strength will I gain as a result of this transition or trial?
What is He nudging me to let go of now?

And so I will leave you with these same three questions for your reflection. Click on the card below, print it out, and keep it close at hand.

Wishing you God’s overflowing grace to supply all your transitional needs.


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  1. Thank you for the great reminder that God is the same no matter how our circumstances change. Our lives are filled with endings, beginnings and uncertainty and yet we can be certain that God has it all under control. I may feel like my life is a mess, but that is just my limited view of the wold. God is all good, all the time. I am so grateful for you De. Thanks

    • De Yarrison says:

      One of my favorite scripture verses is the one that tells us that God’s ways are so high above our ways. I love what you said about our “mess” really being just our limited view of the MUCH bigger picture that God has in mind. God bless you, Helen (aka Mom!). Love you, De

  2. Learn from the past, live in the present, give God the future!

  3. Colleen says:

    As usual, your post came at the right time for me De! Needed that reminder to look gratefully at the transition in front of me. I have been so focused on summer ending and Winter coming, that I forgot how much I love the Fall!

    • De Yarrison says:

      Yeah! Glad this post reminded you to enjoy what’s right here, right now, for as long or as short as it lasts. Life’s joy happen in the moment. When I focus too far up ahead or behind, I miss JOY! Miss you. Sending love and prayers to you and yours!

  4. Mrs. AOK says:

    I love both summer and fall, however I believe fall is by far my favorite season. You stated it correctly, autumn “gracefully” appears, and the transition is happily received. I believe the change in the seasons, is the perfect time to look within.
    Great post-

  5. My family is in transition right now … a difficult time. Thank you for the beautiful reminder. I love, “Don’t the seasons handle transitions with such grace?”

  6. Debbie W. says:

    De loved your thoughts here. Sometimes those transitions are hard, but how much easier they are when we know our Lord. Thanks for the printable – a daily reminder to frame on my refrigerator.

    • De Yarrison says:

      You’re welcome! Glad you will make use of the printable. I have notes and pictures hanging all over my workspace and find them extremely helpful! Thanks for visiting!


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