God’s Truths About You

Note to Self

Ever been caught up in the “should’s” and “supposed to’s”? Beliefs and pressure about what you SHOULD do or SHOULDN’T do? How you’re SUPPOSED to feel or NOT SUPPOSED to feel? Our culture bombards us with unrealistic standards, stereotypes, and expectations that we feel pressured to conform to.

We can get caught in a constant (practically relentless) conversation with ourselves that is laden with negativity, judgment, and self-criticism. When I first explored my own ‘habits of mind,’ I found that there were some routines and patterns repeatedly playing out:

  • Constantly reminding myself of how far behind I am and how much I am NOT getting finished today
  • A knee-jerk or automatic reaction of getting frustrated or annoyed with myself for making a mistake
  • Second-guessing myself and my decisions or choices
  • Comparing myself to others or against some cultural stereotype

How about your inner conversation? Where is it positive, uplifting, and supportive? Where is it harsh, judgmental, or critical? Our pattern of self-talk begins to form when we are very young and continues to develop and become hard-wired into our neural circuitry throughout our lives. Here are links to two posts I’ve written previously that shed light on what’s happening within our brains when we are speaking to ourselves (whether aloud or silently) and why positive self-talk is so important.

And So It Is
Words To Live By

Our Truth

Recently, I’ve become more and more aware that ANY amount of negative thinking, judgment, or self-criticism is not aligned with the Truth of who I am. Our Truth has everything to do with God, how He created us and how He sees us still. He loves you (and me)! Cherishes us. Shelters us and holds us. Even on our worst days. Especially on our worst days.

At my women’s retreats, we contrast cultural pressures and cultural messages of our day with the timeless, eternal TRUTHS of what God has to say about us. I created this video to show at these retreats – imagery, music, and God’s word – all pointing to His Truths about you. May today you remember and believe YOUR TRUTH.

With love,

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  1. Helen says:

    Thank you De for your words and the beautiful video. What a great break in my afternoon. So calming and the truth also.


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