The Correct Answer is YES!

I’ve written recently about the challenges of being a “new mom” again at age 45. You can read those posts here and here. I was talking with my pastor about my “new mom” struggles and I said, “This baby wasn’t planned, you know.” His reply, “Well, maybe you didn’t plan this baby, but God did.”

Hit with the Truth, once again!

For years, my prayers have always included the request to be fully used. “God, use me up. Help me to give and love and give some more. Not my will, but your will.” My pastor reminded me that this is IT! This is what I’ve been praying for. An opportunity to say YES to God’s plan…

even when “yes” means spending more hours each day on the “being” and less on the “doing.” (sitting still has always been a challenge for me 🙂 )

even when “yes” means major change to my daily routine and my family dynamic.

even when “yes” means re-evaluating my business plans and the speaking / coaching engagements I can realistically commit to.

Thankfully, God faithfully provides me with the grace I need each day to continually renew my YES. And as I do – as I submit my will in favor of His Will – everything gets easier. Relationships, mothering, managing my time, business decisions…

Maybe I’ve finally learned that there really isn’t much point in resisting God’s plan. 😉

The Serenity Prayer is always a go-to favorite reminder to submit & surrender. Below is a graphic with the full prayer on it.
Click on the image to download an 8×10″ pdf version.

In what current circumstance is God ‘using you up’?
Where is He asking you for an even bigger YES than you’ve ever given before?

With love,

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