What Is The Conversation Revolution?


The Conversation Revolution is a movement for positively revolutionizing our Mothering Conversation.

The Conversation Revolution website, coaching serviceslife-altering retreats, and speaking events will equip you well, and help you gain comfort and skill at relating in our revolutionary way. We call it revolutionary, not because it’s new, but because it’s POWERFUL.

Who We Are

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My name is Denise Yarrison. Everyone calls me De (pronounced ‘Dee’). I am a Certified Professional Coach, Retreat Facilitator, and “Family-Builder,” that is, a team-builder for families. Through coaching, I help individuals, families, and groups live and lead from the inside out: with intention and on-purpose. My clients include Christian women, mothers of teens/pre-teens, first-time mothers, female college students and other young women. A common theme among my clients, no matter what age or stage of life, is their desire to listen through all the noise of our busy world, seek within for peace-of-mind, and learn to connect with God’s plan and purpose for their lives.

For the last 15 years I have worked with teams and leaders who desire to communicate better, work together more harmoniously, and achieve a higher level of success together. Read my full professional bio here.

In my work with teams and in my private coaching practice, it is not uncommon for a client to say to me, “You know that communication shift we were working on? I tried that with my son and I think we made a real connection!” or “You know that validation exercise you taught me, I did that with my daughter and we had the best conversation we’ve had in years!”

Comments like that get me REALLY EXCITED! I realized, over time, that my own personal fulfillment comes from the extended impact my coaching has on a family. Certainly, I am very happy when my clients’ teams work more effectively together. And what THRILLS me and touches me to the core, is hearing from a woman who took a risk, tried a new approach, shared more openly, resulting in positive shifts in her relationship with her child and family members.

So that brings us here – to the Conversation Revolution. My vision is Women Rising, claiming our value as mothers and recognizing that we, in partnership with God, have immense power – and the sacred responsibility – to shape, guide, and co-create the future, through our mothering.


Everyday, we are living, and leaving, a mothering legacy for our children. Our children learn so much from us that we never explicitly set out to teach them. They learn from our attitude, our words spoken to others, the way we care for ourselves, the messages we repeat to ourselves, the way we speak to them in disagreements as well as in tender moments, how we attend to their needs, on and on.

I write this, not to place more pressure on us women to “get it right.”  This is not the place for Should have, shouldn’t have, supposed to, have to, etc.

I write this to emphasize how important you are.
And how much I want you to see yourself as important and valuable.
It begins with the conversation we have with ourselves.

I’m so glad to have you in our Conversation Revolution! Below are some ways you can begin to revolutionize your internal conversation and your relationships. God bless you!

Freedom to Fly, Life Coaching– find your wings and SOAR!

Constructive Conflict Coaching for Parents and Families – how to disagree without damaging relationships.

Single Life Coaching Session– for those times when you need perspective, guidance, and support in the midst of life’s circumstances.

Free Downloads – printables, intention cards, learning tools, audio clips, wallpapers – encouraging you to explore new possibilities and get inspired!

Retreats – Life changing days of connection, fun, laughter, tears, art, music, learning, and Transformation.

Our Blog– Stories, Scripture Reflections, and “How-To” Exercises to help you live and mother with greater intention.