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  • The Correct Answer is YES!

    I’ve written recently about the challenges of being a “new mom” again at age 45. You can read those posts here and here. I was talking with my pastor about my “new mom” struggles and I said, “This baby wasn’t planned, you know.” His reply, “Well, maybe you didn’t plan this baby, but God did.”

    Hit with the Truth, once again!

    For years, my prayers have always included the request to be fully used. “God, use me up. Help me to give and love and give some more. Not my will, but your will.” My pastor reminded me that this is IT! This is what I’ve been praying for. An opportunity to say YES to God’s plan…

    even when “yes” means spending more hours each day on the “being” and less on the “doing.” (sitting still has always been a challenge for me 🙂 )

    even when “yes” means major change to my daily routine and my family dynamic.

    even when “yes” means re-evaluating my business plans and the speaking / coaching engagements I can realistically commit to.

    Thankfully, God faithfully provides me with the grace I need each day to continually renew my YES. And as I do – as I submit my will in favor of His Will – everything gets easier. Relationships, mothering, managing my time, business decisions…

    Maybe I’ve finally learned that there really isn’t much point in resisting God’s plan. 😉

    The Serenity Prayer is always a go-to favorite reminder to submit & surrender. Below is a graphic with the full prayer on it.
    Click on the image to download an 8×10″ pdf version.

    In what current circumstance is God ‘using you up’?
    Where is He asking you for an even bigger YES than you’ve ever given before?

    With love,

  • A New Day

    The poem-prayer below was written by my friend, Gloria Quinn. Her words beautifully articulate the intention I wish to set for myself every morning. And somehow hold onto, even as daily trials and ‘circumstances’ arise! My God, may today you find me full of praise and thanksgiving! May today be the day that my only desire is to do Your will!

    A New Day

    Who am I Lord? You are the one who has created me and filled me with the breath of New Life and called me into being.
    You are the one who quenches my thirst and feeds me with finest wheat.
    You are the one that tells me to “Come” and tells me to “Go.”
    You are the one that inclines my ear to hear and my eyes to see the marvels of your work and the work yet to be done.
    What can I say? What can I do this day that will please you? Will you find me full of praise? Will you find on my lips thanksgiving? Will you find my heart overflowing with gratitude as you walk with me?
    Help me to remember the moment you loved me into very existence.
    Take my hand as I reach for the comfort of yours.
    May I never forget the words spoken from your only begotten Son, “Behold, I come to do your will.” – Hebrews 10:9.
    Train me in your ways and be merciful, my Lord, my God, my Savior.
    Together, let us begin this new day.

    by Gloria Quinn

    Wishing you a day full of peace and blessing!

    With love,

  • Here I Am

    I recently read the quote below by St. John Paul in a daily devotional email I receive:
    “In your heart and on your lips God places three little words that are so important in the Bible: ‘Here I am.’ They were spoken by the Son of God when he came into the world and his whole life was a constant prompt response of ‘here I am” to his heavenly Father. ‘Here I am’ was the Virgin Mary’s response to the Angel of the Annunciation when she humbly accepted the mission to be Mother of Jesus and, hence, Mother of the Church. And ‘here I am’ must be our response too.” – St. John Paul II

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  • The Holy Cross

    September 14th is Holy Cross Day, when we exalt the Cross of Christ and reflect on the mystery of the Cross as instrument of our salvation.

    Inspired by the writings of St. Faustina on Divine Mercy, I’ve been spending more time lately reflecting on Jesus’ passion and death. What does the Holy Cross mean to me? What influence does the Holy Cross, instrument of my salvation, have on my daily life? Could I really do what Jesus did…

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  • Morning Prayer Time

    We are already into our 3rd week of school here. This will be the first full 5-day week for my kids and, well, so far so good! No tears have been shed over math yet (and none from the kids either 🙂 ).

    first day of school 2014

    While, we are all quite happy to be back into a routine, at the same time we are missing the much slower pace of our summer mornings. One of the things that I miss most is being able to sit around in our pj’s, enjoying breakfast and morning prayers together.

    Starting our day off correctly, by focusing first on the Lord, is extremely important to me. I can feel the difference immediately when we’ve jumped into schedules and lunch boxes before pausing for a moment of connection with Him, and with each other.

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  • The Goodness of the Lord

    I am overwhelmed (in a good way) by the Lord’s goodness, care, and incredible generosity towards us.

    This past week, I was shown three times that He is at work in my life, even when I can’t see it in the moment. He is working tirelessly for my good and His glory.

    Three times and three different situations within a 5 day span. I allowed overwhelm and frustration to rule my heart and mind. Situations that I “knew” were hopeless, a waste of my time and “never going to change.”

    Haha. You know where this is going, right? Holy admonishment 🙂 Read more

  • God brings you through it

    When God brings me to it…

    If God brings me to it, He will bring me through it.

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  • cross silhouette and the clouds at sunset

    The In Between Day

    I want to share one of my all time favorite sermons with you. Pastor John Ortberg is from Menlo Park Presbyterian Church in California. If you’re not familiar with John Ortberg, you are about to discover a huge treasure. He has written many books; every single one of them is excellent. He preaches to his congregation every week and blesses the rest of us by offering the recordings via the church’s website.

    This sermon is called “Saturday.” The day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. The in between day. The day of waiting. May this message bless you as it has blessed me.

    Saturday, by John Ortberg. Recorded on April 17, 2011.

    Wishing you a reflective and blessed Good Friday.

    Sending love,

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  • intention

    A Prayer for Deliverance

    Dear God,
    Deliver me to my passion.
    Deliver me to my brilliance.
    Deliver me to my intelligence.
    Deliver me to my depth.
    Deliver me to my nobility.
    Deliver me to my beauty.
    Deliver me to my power to heal.
    Deliver me to You.

    prayer for deliverance – Marianne Williamson