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Course Overview

More Joy-full Moments.
Better Communication With Your Children.

In the Conversation Changers In My Mothering e-course, we will carefully look at how the parenting we ourselves received is impacting our relationships with our children today. And, we’ll learn skills and strategies for moving forward with greater awareness and intention! Come, and Evolve the Conversation in Your Mothering!

We need more joy-full moments with our children.No matter if they are 3, 13, or 30! Mothering is for life. And we have our entire lifetime to continue learning, growing and evolving our communication.

Topics covered in this course are listed below, followed by a brief description.

  1. Your Parental Legacy
  2. Create a Mothering Vision Board
  3. Understanding our automatic thought patterns and knee-jerk reactions
  4. The power of self-affirming and self-supportive thinking
  5. Breath Prayers
  6. God’s Truths About You

Listen to a snippet from the Parental Legacy visualization.
Listen to a snippet from the Mothering Vision Board visualization.
Listen to a snippet from the Breath Prayers visualization.

Your Parental Legacy
Our Week 1 theme is Parental Legacy in which we’ll look at both the legacy we’ve “inherited” from our own upbringing, and the legacy we are creating each day for our children. We are not just leaving a legacy, we are living a legacy! Week 1’s exercises provide an opportunity for you to reflect on your own childhood and the parenting you received, in order to raise your awareness as to how your upbringing may be impacting your relationship with your children today.

Mothering Vision Board
With an awareness and new insights into how we tend to “parent by default,” we now shift our focus to “parenting by design!” A guided visualization will have you create a mental picture of how you want to BE and FEEL in your mothering. Then we translate that mental picture into a Mothering Vision Board – a physical representation of your vision!

Understanding our Automatic Thought Patterns and Knee-Jerk Reactions
In Week 2, we explore our automatic thinking patterns and self-talk (inner conversation). What’s there that is helpful and aligned with the vision you have of your mothering? What’s there that’s not serving you or your mothering?

The Power of Self-Affirming and Self-Supportive Thinking
In Week 3, we’ll learn how to lessen our focus on old, unwanted, or self-limiting thoughts while increasing our focus on new, desired thoughts. Thoughts that are self-affirming, self-supportive, and aligned with our Mothering Vision. You’l receive tools to shift your inner conversation and create “I Am” daily affirmation cards using our downloadable template. This is powerful stuff!

Breath Prayers
Several years ago, a friend of mine introduced me to the idea of a “breath prayer.” She explained it as a short, simple prayer or mantra that we can keep “on our breath” at all times. A few words to keep my heart and mind focused on what is most important to me on any particular day. In Week 4, you’ll create your own breath prayer(s) using our guided visualization and breath prayer cards.

God’s Truths About You
Our e-course concludes with a 5-minute video meditation for you to simply relax and bask in God’s Truths about YOU!

How it Works:

  • Course content is organized into weekly chunks. If you work through the course at the suggested pace, you will complete it in 4-weeks. Of course you are welcome to move through the content more quickly or more slowly, as suits your needs!
  • A progress bar is displayed at the top of each page. Mouse over the bar to see which activities you have completed.
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