Repeating a daily affirmation is one simple, yet powerful, gift we can give ourselves.
The gift of encouragement (rather than criticism)
The gift of self-support (rather than judgment)
The gift of peace-of-mind (rather than stress and worry)

This free download contains a pdf sheet with six blank daily affirmation cards, each with a different design. First, follow the steps below to complete your download. Then:

  • Print out your Daily Affirmation Cards.
  • On each one, write a self-affirming, self-supportive statement that you need to hear from yourself more often (i.e.: “I am a good mom.” “I am handling all things with grace today.” “I am giving my best today and I am enough.” “I can do all things with Christ who strengthens me.”
  • Post these pretty graphic affirmations all around your home, workspace, car, or wherever you spend time each day! Tape one to your iPad. Put one on every mirror in your home. You get the idea…this way, you’ll be sure to bump into them all throughout your day!
  • Each time your eye catches one of your cards, read your affirmation statement – aloud or silently – to yourself. Let your brain know that this thought is important enough to necessitate a new neural pathway!

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