Good-bye Overwhelm. Hello Peace-of-Mind!

We are super excited to be launching an online classroom! One-by-one, we are converting our retreat topics, coaching content, and workshop presentations into an e-learning format. Now you can participate in our powerful learning and growing experiences from the comfort of your own home! And at times that fit best with your busy schedule.

That said, we didn’t want to entirely lose the power of group learning or the opportunity to connect and share within a like-minded community. Our classroom includes personal user profiles, and a robust community forum where you can post news and photos, ask questions, share successes, and much more!

Our first course available in our e-classroom is:
Conversation Changers in My Mothering
Click HERE to learn more and to register.

Each new e-course will be announced as the make-overs are completed. Be on the lookout!

Our e-courses are where positive change happens. In your parenting, your loving, your leadership, your LIFE. Welcome!

Our e-classroom exists for three primary purposes:

  1. To help you be more intentional in your mothering. To experience more joy-full moments (and less stressful moments) with your children.
  2. To ensure that you know you are NOT ALONE in this most important calling – Motherhood! Here you will find a community of moms learning, laughing, and growing together!
  3. Last, but surely not least, to help you foster a deep spiritual life. To encourage you to lean on God more and more in your daily life and your daily responsibilities.

Our classroom is hosted on a professional learning platform, like what the online universities use to facilitate their courses. The web address of our classroom is: elearning.conversationrevolution.com. We look forward to seeing you there!