Sacred Circles are forming for you to come and renew your strength!
To remember the Truth of Who You Are.
To gather regularly in community with fellow travelers on the mothering journey.

I’ve created Sacred Circles for small groups of women to gather together, with the intention of deepening our skills of mothering. We offer two formats:

  • On-going, Bi-Weekly Circles (read more below)
  • 6-Week Circles, each focused on a specific topic (click to jump to page)


On-Going, Bi-Weekly Circles

We meet twice per month, on a video call. In our circles, we work to excavate our cherished hopes and dreams for our lives, while sharing our challenges and exploring new ways of relating (with ourselves and with others).

Our Sacred Circles curriculum weaves together the big picture stuff that guides our life’s journey with the practical everyday stuff that helps us to be more intentional in our mothering and our relationships. We want to give you tools and information that will positively impact your everyday living, while providing the time and the space for you to explore life’s bigger topics, such as Legacy Leaving and Core Values Alignment. For an overview of our curriculum, click here.

A blend of coaching, group exercises, and individual exercises make for powerful learning and growth in our circles. Watch the video below for more information and please contact me with any questions you may have.

I feel very blessed to have been given this incredible calling & vocation of walking with women on the mothering journey. Motherhood, in my opinion, is the highest calling any of us ever receives. We are literally creating the future of our society through our daily conversations and interactions with our children. No pressure there 🙂

I walk right beside you in your mothering. I support you in mothering by design, rather than by default. God’s design, that is. Together we will set intention around your mothering (including your mothering of yourself), your relationships, and set you firmly on the path to fully using your gifts of mothering and becoming the mother you always wanted to be.


To join a circle or for more information, please contact De directly via email or by calling: 610.287.2989. Meanwhile, here are a couple of other ways that we can partner on your mothering journey:

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