Below is a gallery of our 3″x 3″ Breath Prayer Cards. What’s a breath prayer? Download our free “Guide to Breath Prayers” along with pdf sheets of all 30 cards here.

To print out just one or two breath prayer cards, click on the one(s) you want below and print. Place it somewhere that you will look at it throughout the day, reminding yourself to say your breath prayer. Enjoy! And remember to breathe…

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  1. Judy says:

    These are so nice. Want to put them on facebook!

  2. annmarie says:

    De, I have been on your site all morning. I can’t wait to see the dates to the retreats….heaven on earth!!! Are the cards available for sale yet? I would love to gift a box to someone that is in need.
    Thank you again for always inspiring my faith to be stronger!!

    • De Yarrison says:

      Hey Annmarie! My next retreat/workshop is on April 12th 10am-3pm at Daylesford Abbey. I’ll email you the flyer. It’s a Saturday, so I realize you may not be able to make it. Would so love to have you there. And members of your team as well. I’ll email you an update on the breath prayer cards too. I have some available. Love you!


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