Summer Camp

Our annual Summer Camp program, Designed for Greatness, is an extraordinary, unforgettable, all-inclusive experience for Mothers and their teenage & young adult children*. Designed for Greatness is a magical 3-days, filled with connection, learning, music, nature, art, honesty, growth, healing, and fun.

Come and Receive. Receive the support of fellow travelers along the Mothering Journey.

Rejuvenate. Recharge. Revive.

adirondack chairs by the pond

Come and Give. Give your child(ren) the experience of being fully seen, acknowledged, accepted, and loved.
By you, and by a sacred community of fellow travelers.

As with all of our retreats, Summer Camp is a soulful, prayerful, musical, God-filled experience – whether we’re fanning the flames of your vibrant faith or providing the spark to rekindle a smoldering faith.

Come join us in a life-changing, 3-day Sacred Circle. Be prepared to expand and to have fun!

* Summer Camp is appropriate for your sons and daughters ages 15+.

What You Can Expect

  • A Sacred Circle where you are respected and accepted, exactly as you are
  • Getting to know YOU and seeing yourself more clearly through compassionate coaching
  • Understanding resistance, the impact of negative messages, criticism, and the saboteurs of relationship
  • Daily exercises where you will gain tools for intentional, compassionate conversation with your children and with yourself
  • To encourage and be encouraged: learn about the simplicity and the power of encouragement
  • Outdoor activities including our “Leap of Faith” and our “Commitment Bridge”
  • Exploration into the intimate, unconditional, loving relationships that Mothers long to have with their children by first nurturing our love for ourselves.
  • Nourishment for your body and soul through Prayer, Music, Art, Creativity, Healthy Food, and Serene Natural Surroundings
  • To have fun, be moved, laugh out loud, take risks, play, work, pray, and connect (with yourself as well as others)
  • To go forth in  your Mothering with intentionality and a strengthened alliance with your child(ren)

Format includes:

  • Indoor as well as outdoor learning
  • Group exercises, like “Courageous” Art Project and Our Family Mirror
  • Family exercises, like Legacy Living and Family Journal
  • Individual exercises, reflection, worksheets, and journaling
  • Individual coaching within the group setting
  • Time for mothers to come together while their children come together separately
  • Activities on our outdoor challenge course
  • Healthy meals and snacks
  • Overnight accommodations for 2 nights (optional)
  • Information and photographs of our fabulous retreat venue, coming soon!

Available Post-Camp Support:

* Sacred Circles meet virtually, via video call, twice per month. Circles are limited to a maximum of 6 people per circle.

We will not be holding summer camp in 2016 as we are attending the Steubenville Youth Conference. We’ll be back next year!

Summer Camp 2017! Info Coming Soon!